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Chapter 53

September 8, 2015
Posted at 9:49 am

To those who've pointed it out, I did screw up with this chapter and I'm sorry about that. As my previous blog to Mark stated, you guys are right. Charles could have just bought a ship if he really had wanted it so badly. I have updated the Chapter to address his motivation in going after the Sea Nymph. It's probably still weak but it is an improvement and it does give some justification for his actions. That said I think the real thing behind Charles actions was stupidity on my part and on his. I got caught up with falling back on what he has been doing consistently for the last few months and he got caught up with trying to please the consortium so that they will do what he wants them to do.

That said the chapter has been written and I don't think I should change it too much. Charles is going to have to live with his recent actions and I am going to have to review the next couple of chapters to see how I can integrate the issue into them. I think Felicity is going to have to have a word with him.

Thanks for pointing this out to me and I do apologize again for any confusion. I hope you all keep reading.