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Christmas Cheer Chapter 8 submitted

September 6, 2015
Posted at 4:05 pm

I've just added Chapter 8 to the queue to be posted, so hopefully it will go up some time tonight.

I know I dropped the ball on this one. I have no excuse.

Life kind of took over my life, and writing got shoved to the back burner. I'm terribly sorry about it, and I appreciate anyone who hung in there with me. I hope it was worth waiting for!

There's one more chapter which brings all the pieces together. I'm not 100% sure when I'll be able to post it, but I plan to work on it in the coming week.

I'm not sure what's in store after that. Non-SOL writing projects are keeping me pretty busy, but I'd like to do some short pieces, maybe even some flash fiction, to post here. The feedback and encouragement I get here means a lot to me!

So enjoy Chapter 8 and I'll try to get Chapter 9 up before it becomes timely again... ;)