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15-09-02 The Ark Status

September 2, 2015
Posted at 7:18 pm

The Ark needs a bit more work than I expected. So far, I have edited almost all of the chapters. Three chapters are in sad shape and need major rewrite. I had lost track of my time line while working on Chapters 9 through 22. As a result I reordered several chapters.

During the final review, I discovered references to events that hadn't happened and references that early events had not yet happened. I think I have most of this corrected but will have to go through it again.

Kiwi Chris has also volunteered to assist me with review of the content and some light editing. He is currently completed Chapter 4 of the stories 23 files (i.e., a Foreword and 22 chapters). Thanks Chris.

For those of you interested in Opening Earth 2, I have been working on it when I need a break from editing The Ark.