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News from Over the Hills and Faraway

September 2, 2015
Posted at 4:48 am

It has been some time since my last blog, six months in fact … doesn't time fly when you're having a good time? The time has been spent wrestling with the latest book in the Over the Hills and Faraway series, and I can report with pride, and not a little sadness, that the final book in the saga is near completion.

I hope to start posting on SOL by mid -September, or the back end of the month at the latest. It is a large book, somewhere near 120,000 words, and my three editors had the Herculean task of arranging my prose into a more readable format. Each of the three brings something different to the task, and I am deeply grateful to each for the work they have carried out.

Without the combined efforts of The Three Wise Men I doubt my stuff would reach anywhere near the readership it currently does, and as all three have full and active lives away from editing it says a great deal about their commitment, and stamina, to spend their down time reading through my words … all 120,000 of them! Thank you, gentlemen.

Any kudos I may receive I share with Derykb, Rondownunder, and Old rotor head.

Jack G