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An unexpected story posting

August 31, 2015
Posted at 7:28 pm

Well, there it is "Missing a Native Woman's Tale" has been posted. Every time I read this story it disturbs me since I see my stories as if they were movies in my head. I could easily have made this more graphic and sadistic. I could have added so much more and given myself even more nightmares. I stopped writing one story due to the disturbing more graphic nature, but the characters seem more real with human failings and some are truly beyond contempt and worthy of the fate I will write for them.

This is merely the first of many first nations stories I hope to write of various genres and settings as a part of honouring some of my Blackfoot Indian heritage from my paternal great grandmother I barely knew. The plight of missing first nations people is important to me and many others. It needs to be front of many peoples minds and we must DEMAND ACTION from our leaders.

I simply took a slight detour to edit and add a paragraph or so to this story to fill in gaps in the story near the end. I continue to write part 2 of a trilogy and I am busy trying to connect and write parts of the story which will connect 4 focal points of part 2. When finished they will be the largest thing I have EVER written; 63 pages thus far. Still doing research and plodding on. Along the way I've learned there's a place near Rama Casino in Ontario, Canada where you can fly in a float plane to dinner and back for $190- $220 CDN. I also learned about wine varieties of Prince Edward County.

A nugget about "Missing a Native Woman's Tale" is that the gps co-ordinates are REAL, but takes you only to some farm fields near the town of Precious Corners, Ontario. My last car, a PT Cruiser blew a head gasket and died near there which upset me so I chose it for part of my story. The issue of missing first nations women in Canada is a very real and tragic story; my story is not.