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A New Story

August 31, 2015
Posted at 2:07 pm

This isn't a tease, folks. This time it's for real.

This isn't another one of my blog entries where I tell you "Oh yeah, I'm writing. Got a story 'bout half way done. You'll be seeing it...." This isn't that kind of blog entry.

The story is written. It's finished. It is short. Slightly more than 4,200 words, just a little more than eight pages in my OpenOffice. It needs editing. So far, my wife is the only person who has read it. I will be rereading it and doing some editing myself in a couple days, then it will be going out to, hopefully, be edited (Makes a note. See if Hermit is still working as an editor). This will probably take a week or more but then the story WILL be getting put up. Right now the story is called "A Classy Lady." It's strictly a working title, it's possible it will get changed. My wife doesn't like the title.

Sorry. No hints about the story. Hope you all come back and check out the story. It'll be my first Completed story in over two years.