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Diamond Rose is complete!

August 29, 2015
Posted at 5:42 pm

When I posted Diamond Rose, I told Lazeez I wanted to make it a Premier Exclusive as a way of showing how much I appreciate his hard work on StoriesOnline. I had no idea what would happen when I did it, but I certainly didn't expect Diamond Rose to become my biggest story here.

In the last two weeks it has surpassed all my other stories in downloads and votes. Some of those stories have been posted for more than a year, but have half the downloads and nowhere near the score.

I'm humbled by the 62 comments I got from readers who took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed the story. That feedback pays for the effort of writing the story entirely, You have no idea what it means to an author to hear you were touched by a character or story.

My stories are like my kids and everyone thinks their kids are special. Thank you for helping make this story even more special for me!

Cotton Nightie