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An Introduction

August 26, 2015
Posted at 8:03 am

I am Jack and I am 52 years old, in this world. I have brown complexion, 6 feet tall, average build with a small beer belly and weighs around 200 pounds. I have an 8 inch long cock with a girth of 5.5 inches at the thickest part when fully erect. I was planning for my retirement when I discovered SoC and my life in this world will never be the same.

The Society of Cuckolds (SoC) is a creation of my wild imagination. In this secret but widely practiced society, all mothers are bred by someone other than her own husband or steady boy friend. Some men willingly participate in this debauchery, and sometimes film the encounters as well. During SoC events, participating men can fuck anyone at the event except for his wife.

The encounters where wife is impregnated is usually created into a video album. When the kid is born, wife performs a DNA check of the baby to have a valid proof indicating that kids DNA only matches her and not her husband. This record is then framed and kept with video evidence.

Incest breeding is frowned upon at SoC, due to possible generational health issues. There have been few occasions where a brother and sister had different parents, due to divorce or premature death of the mother, where they have been encouraged to breed since they are not related by blood. These events can draw a large participation and are generally held in large church building whose priests are also members of SoC.

I have created three grouping in this universe (Society of Cuckolds). First is called 'Initial Contacts" where I describe how I found out about SoC and my continuing encounters with them and those who are in my neighbourhood. Second is called "Expanding Interactions" where I describe about my exploits at my work place and others after discovering SoC. Third is called "Older Encounters" where I describe how mothers conceived their kids by watching video albums they made and allowed me to watch.

Come along with me for the ride in this world. I encourage others with similar imaginations to post into this universe on how they discovered SoC, how their relationships changed around their neighbourhood and at where they work, after discovering SoC and how the mother cunts they fucked conceived their kids.