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Miranda Scott

August 22, 2015
Posted at 8:58 am

For those readers who remember the name but not the events surrounding Miranda Scott in the story prior to her showing up in Kenos as a slave, here is a little recap on the lady.

Charles and company met Miranda the first night the laid over in Izmir. That meeting occured on day 92 of Charles' life on Game World, so techically while it was weeks ago that he'd met her, I could have said months. In fact two and a half months have passed since the two of them spoke on the veranda of the inn where Charles was staying.

Miranda was a representative of the World Entertainment Review Board. She had been sent to reclaim the pistols that Charles and Felicity were carrying around. She failed in that job and now she is on Game World as a slave. Interesting isn't it. You'll learn more next chapter.

My description of her at the time was simply tall and attractive. She's still tall but she isn't as attractive as before. Life as a slave can do that to a person.