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A. Kind and His Queen

August 17, 2015
Posted at 1:55 pm

It was late when I posted the first chapter of my latest story and I didn't see the typos in the submission. Yes, it was supposed to be A. King and His Queen. Those were powdered donuts, not powered donuts (although now that I think of it, I'd like to try some powered donuts). They're fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.

I do appreciate all of the welcome back e-mails. It's nice to know that I've been missed. I wasn't ill, but I was busy and that made sitting down and putting fingers to keyboard a little difficult.

I'll be posting a chapter a week. This story is complete (all 43 chapters). I've got a few stories in production and hope to finish one of the shortly.

I'd also like to welcome back my anti-fans. I was afraid that after my long hiatus that you'd forgotten about me. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see those votes of 1 show up within hours of posting the first chapter of a series. I missed ya!