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My new novel, Diamond Rose, now exclusive to premier members

August 16, 2015
Posted at 4:23 pm

It's been a few months since my last update but I'm still writing like mad. I've been working on too many new projects at once, but at least I've made good progress on some of them.

I've written a few chapters for the next Hilly and Ben story, which picks up immediately after The Choir Trip ends. Finishing the Visiting Austin story is still on my todo list, but I've not managed to get back to it yet. My next commercial Bella Chal novel, Letting Go, is in edits and I may actually submit this one to publishers instead of publishing it myself. But my biggest obstacle to getting caught up has been the new novel I just submitted here for Premier members called Diamond Rose.

We went on vacation to North Carolina this summer and visited all the tourist attractions while we were there. At a ruby mine far off the beaten path, I ran across an odd collections of kids working with one older woman. We spent a long afternoon looking for treasures with them and listening to the drama of their lives. Nothing they told me ended up in my story, but it fertilized my imagination until I couldn't work on anything else.

So six weeks and 50K words later, I had this novel. All thirty chapters have been submitted and I'm sure are working their way through the approval process. Big thanks to Lazeez for helping me get all the parts submitted correctly. It's the largest single story I've submitted here at one time.

I hope you like it! Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.