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Vacations can be made even better by Swedish girls in Bikinis

August 10, 2015
Posted at 9:59 pm

I just got back from the first real vacation I have taken since I became disabled, and it was amazing. Got to spend time with my wife and daughter in a wonderful tourist trap area, had a great view from the hotel, and got to work on my German and Dutch by conversing with a group of European Blondes that were staying at the same hotel. My duaghter asked my wife if she was jealous or upset at me for talking to the 'hot blondes in small bikinis' (her words). My wife just smiled and said to her, "He is being friendly, but really, he is old and a cripple. No worries there." Realy harsh there, not even letting me have old man fantasies.... but she is right, and I do love my wife.
I will be back to writing soon. While on vacation, I wrote a little (more than 20k) story about Luna Lovegood for my daughter, and if she likes it I might post it.