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August 9, 2015
Posted at 10:12 am

I was serious about the scoring and guess I have to mark each story individually but I get my orders from the main man. I am one of the boss-man's 2015 pennames and he runs a tight ship. He told me I could write 50 stories this year and to be sure to keep them updated if they were not finished. Part of him is "Tony" and as you can see I write a sort of erotic style with a lot of action and violence that is part of current everyday life. The boss is busy cleaning up his act with his 300 plus stories and may resume writing under his name next year. I got hope for the future and if he tries to screw me, I will break away and do my own thing. Most of my stories are not planned or follow a set formula but are just a whisper of a thought that catches my attention and causes me to put my laptop on. Some of the boss's pennames are females and I hope they decide to move on as well. They write screwy stories that are hard to understand because sometimes they are simply not logical. But, that is women for you. Romance is a necessary ingredient for any storyline and I hate that stuff because it slows me down. Just kidding, I got my soft side too.