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To publish early or not to publish early

August 8, 2015
Posted at 12:36 pm

My first part of a trilogy needs a final read before it, "Cycling Canada, eh?!" is ready for putting on SOL or any other site. I placed a cliff hanger in an epilogue at the end deliberately so and it is an important turning point for the trilogy taking some characters in directions they might not have gone. I want to have all or most of the trilogy done before placing a start of it with a cliff hanger up before the story is complete or 75% complete.

I see it as a series of travel adventures in Canada with sex which real people do while travelling, yet unreal fantasy fun with a bit of truth. I am currently on page 45 and 70% of part 2 is done. It would be CRUEL to leave you hanging there for weeks or until end of possibly September at the latest when I hope them to be complete without rushing it.

I still cannot believe I have written 76 pages of a story which is maybe 60% finished. sorry for the wait. Maybe after you read it, for Canadians, you will want to explore your own country via a staycation. For Americans or other countries it might give you ideas for a Canadian vacation.