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New story - finally!!!

August 5, 2015
Posted at 7:11 pm

I haven't submitted a story for some time (five years) but I have continued to write. I have somewhere around a dozen stories that are partially or mostly written.

From now on when I submit a story it well be complete.

I got burned out a bit from writing longer stories and writing a chapter and immediately submitting it. It got so that it started feeling too much like work. Not to mention I had some health problems, new aortic valve, pacemaker, etc. Not to mention the prostate problems common to my age (maybe... a couple years older than Jack Benny kept claiming on his radio show. Yes, damn it! I do remember listening to Jack Benny on radio.)

The new story (hope to submit it tomorrow) will be Summer Wind, after the song:

"All summer long we sang a song.
And then we strolled that golden sand,
Two sweethearts and the summer wind.
Then softer than a piper man; one day, it called to you.
I lost you; I lost you to the summer wind."

This is something I was working on with DG hear (sorry for being late, DG).

Another one in the next couple of weeks will be Moonlight Serenade - Pearl Harbor.

A third will be "Who Were You Thinking Of" by Sir Douglas Sahm and the Texas Tornados. Greta song with s strong beat:

"Who were you thinking of,
When we were making love,
Last night.
Was it a good looking stranger or a close friend of mine?"

I like the El paso bar scene (eXoticas) at the beginning.

Also look for "I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep".

If these go okay, I have some ideas for new stories.

Don't go looking for any monkey sex in my stories, ain't gonna happen... not my skill. But if you like the human interest side of life, the poor/good choices that we make, the opportunities taken or not, try some of my stories.