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What is in the Pipeline?

August 1, 2015
Posted at 7:54 pm

Received an email from one of my readers that I thought might be a good blog entry.

Any updates in the pipeline? Getting anxious.

Seems there are a few changes or enhancements in this chapter-at-a-time release that were missing in the Stupid Boy - Sophomore Year preview edition. Good surprises.

Keep up the great work!

I go through each chapter before I post it and make updates. My editors hate it because that is where 99% of the mistakes make it onto SOL. The thing is I wrote it several months ago and find things I wished I had done better...

Pipeline. I have written three chapters of Stupid Boy - Junior Year. I sent out the original draft of Getting it Wrong (the Do Over story) to some of the people who purchased Sophomore Year and received a lot of feedback. I rewrote quite a bit of it.

BlackIrish, my lead editor, has read through the first few chapters and said he felt my edits in first couple of chapters really changed the story. It got him thinking very differently about character and his situation... Him liking it is a big deal for me ... tells me I may have something worth reading. I wrote an additional three chapters to work out a better ending to Book 1. Book 2 is started and I just completed the chapter layouts.

Little Tony, my mob story, I've written a couple of chapters for the next book which will feature his sister Pia. I shelved this for now as I am focusing on the Do Over story.

The Third Son, sword and sorcery story, I was originally planning on that being my next book. I had it laid out and then realized that wasn't the book I wanted to write. I've been working it out in my head though and I think I have a much better idea. Of course it went from a quick novel length book to potentially 10+ 50K+ word shorter stories.

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