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A temporary distraction turned into an unexpected trilogy

August 1, 2015
Posted at 11:00 am

I was 25% to 50% done writing a story when I got writers block. In order to get back on track I distracted myself with a couple short outlines for stories which may or may not get written. One of them I got fixated upon.

I broke my record for number of pages written. The first story, "Cycling Canada, Eh?!", in the trilogy is 30 pages long according to Word and the middle story is up to page 41 now with roughly 70% of this section done. I am hoping to send part one to be proof-read and edited when part 2 is done and part one is started. If it works according to plan I will be starting to write the last one as the first is being posted and the second one is being edited.

The hard part will be breaking them up and formatting. I have never written anything more than 5 pages long. I am almost done one section/focal point and then I need to cover the rest of the summer to connect to another section and then get my characters through Winter and Spring. back to summer for the end of the 2nd story. Wish me luck! I still cannot believe I wrote 70 pages. Maybe after editing it will be closer to 50 or maybe 100+ pages. That was my goal when I wanted to post here and at other sites; write book length stories I like. I still have no ideas where the characters came from or why I am still writing about them.