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BLEG- help finding a story on SOL.

July 29, 2015
Posted at 3:03 pm

First, I apologize for my tardiness in posting story updates. Real life has taken hold with a vengeance. I have completed a couple more chapters of "Blackmail", but am holding off posting them until I get to a better pausing place. "Whitewater is coming along very slowly, as I've been trying to decide amongst a couple of alternatives in the storyline.

Now, the bleg. I once read a fairly long story here that involved a group of space navy types sent out in obsolescent ships to stop or delay in invading force. The commander was an Army officer, and the group was expected to die rather quickly. The invaders were a more or less human society rather like the Imperial Japanese, and the commander's sister was married to a fairly high-ranking official in the invader's society.

The plot involved sabotage and betrayal from a faction within the defenders government. The defenders managed to defeat a much larger force, before abandoning their defensive line and retreating to their own lines, where they were interned and intended to be liquidated to preserve the traitor's secrets, only to be saved at the last minute.

I can remember nothing about the story name, or the author. If anyone can identify the story from my rather poor synopsis, I'd be very grateful!

Thanks in advance,