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July 27, 2015
Posted at 2:37 pm

YY4U wrote the follow to me:

read lot of stories. For some reason I am often
able to detect typos. Being relatively new to SOL
I do not know protocol. Is is polite to bring
types to the authors attention or does that just
seem to be a 'smart ass'. Do most authors like
corrections or do they resent people correcting
them? I enjoy the stories as they are, and am just
trying be helpful without being critical. I would
appreciate any advice you can give me.

Personally I accept feedback that points out typos in my writing. I know that they are there and that even though I have had an editor go over my work to proof it, they still occur from time to time. If a person spots one and points it out I fix it and thank them. I feel that this ensures that future readers of my stories get the best possible read that I can give them when they open up my work to read it.

I do know that some authors don't appreciate it at all. I've pointed out typos to some of my favourite authors before and got told that they had no intention of fixing the mistake.

I'd say that your best bet is to take a look at a person's blog before sending him an e-mail about his work. I thank people in my blog and I know others do as well. You can judge an author by what they put in their blog and act accordingly.

That's my advice for what it is worth. If anyone else wants to give yy4u their view, the persons e-mail is below.

Thanks for reading.