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How to Motivate an Author

July 23, 2015
Posted at 7:46 am

Gentle Readers,

Short of dangling a naïve teen-aged hotty in search of guidance before me, the only way to motivate Stepdaddy is to write to him. Below is the perfect such instrument, which I received anonymously through the feedback mechanism of this site.

Dear Stepdaddy.

Every second that goes by...without a fresh tale
of an adorable teenage vixen's thin lipped cunt
being split by your fat cock, of a teen tummy once
flat and smooth now swelling with your planted
seed, of a mother lying clueless in her empty bed
as only a few doors down her progeny takes it in
all three holes and has her newly fertile womb
doused with hubby's hot agony.

We need you, Stepdaddy, now more than ever. Give
us what we crave, tell us of your latest exploits,
thrill us with stories of twin sisters knocked up
and made to go down on each other for your
pleasure (and theirs!), of waifish, lightly furred
Asian bitches bent over and pounded in after
school tuition programs that teach them little
besides how to spread their legs and thank you
profusely for weighing them down with such a
profound load of thick sperm so deeply injected
into their innocent little teen-cunts. We can't go
on without you!


This may very well get me writing. If the correspondent would like to reach out non-anonymously, I'd like to consult with him on ideas.