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A short update and explanation

July 21, 2015
Posted at 12:19 am

In the last couple of weeks in trying to fulfill my promise of writing the second installment of Giants I have gone back and reread chapters intending to keep the story consistent before you the readers returned with pitchforks screaming for my head when I set up part of the story incorrectly.

In doing do I have come to the horrifying realization the errors I did find were significant enough that before I can proceed with the new story I must first correct the previous story just to preserve my sanity. So I am saying at this point, the next installment and the corrections to Giants will take longer as I try to unscrew what two revisions have screwed up.

I apologize in advance it was not my intention to leave everyone hanging longer than it was already going to take but I see no other way but to fix Giants before I continue on.