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Nitwits abound

July 20, 2015
Posted at 6:11 pm

You know, I thought we'd reached an understanding about fiction.

Silly me.

I decided this was so idiotic that everyone should enjoy it.

It was sent anonymously, of course, so if you wrote this please do everyone a favor and throw your keyboard in the trash.

It is wasted on serious fiction.

Oh, and please feel free to bypass my stories in the future. I figure the pedo-rape stories are more your style.

Jay C.

You poor right wing dupe' you spout that American Enterprise Institute tripe just like it was hot water and you're Old faithful, Social security is a pretty successful program and you don't hear people call your grandparents welfare slugs. The arguments the right makes against it: It's unsustainable; we can't afford it; it won't work; I hate it; it's going to go broke any minute-- are a bit shopworn. they have been making those same arguments since 1934 in this country. seriously, go look it up in the stacks at the local library.

Those arguments have been being made since before social Security was law in this country. It's really annoying to have a decent--OK halfway decent--story ruined by ignorant right wing drivel. And Social Security as a working construct was as old when we adopted it as our system is now. Got it?

It works, It has worked and the only reason it won't be there for our grandkids is if we are weak and lazy enough to let the Koch brothers and their minions take it away. That doesn't mean all welfare programs work or are even a good idea. Some persons who get welfare get fat lazy, stupid and dangerously careless. Subsidized agriculture is wasting our topsoil; if we keep farming like we are today, within two generations there won't be enough soil to grow weeds, much less food and fiber to meet the nations needs. Railroads, airlines, coal and oil corporations are pretty obvious instances of "persons" whose character was crippled by government payments. How come you right wing welfare critics aren't on their case?

Take that ring out of you nose the Right put there, and see what it feels like to make choices for y yourself. You can do it. After a while, it even gets to be fun. think of it this way; the more you sound like FOX, the less connection you have to the real world. Have a nice day.