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Chapter 34 of Code Monkey will post sometime Monday the 20th

July 18, 2015
Posted at 11:32 am

Chapter 34 is in the submission wizard and set to drop to the moderators at 8pm on Sunday the 19th, so look for it Monday. Chapter 35 is in the wizard and set to post on August 20th. I've got chapters 36 and 37 almost to the first proofreader stage, so those will be in the submission wizard soon as well.

Now that I'm well on the way to recovery from my surgery, I've have a huge list of house maintenance I must do, that is one reason I'm trying to get my cushion of non-posted chapters as far ahead as possible. I also like to have the extra chapters so I can back edit as needed when new story items not in my written plots show up. Thank the muse.

Anyway, have good reads, good health, and good friends.