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July 11, 2015
Posted at 12:57 am

To sum things up: Yes, I'm still out here. No, I haven't made any progress on Song of Adelita. Yes, there may be something else in the works.

I've made several attempts at sitting down and picking up with SOA, and it just isn't coming. Problem is, that story originated from a time when my life was very different than it is now, and I simply can no longer relate to the issues in that story. So, I've decided to shelve it for the time being. I hate abandoning stories, but at the same time, I don't want to fabricate a quick, phony ending just to be able to label the story "complete."

Which brings me to the other item here: the same sci-fi/post-apoc story I alluded to in earlier entries. I'm finding that I am motivated to work on this story. The issue up till now was that the plot was a little too complex, and I couldn't seem to pull it all together in my mind. I'm learning that when this occurs, the best thing to do is simplify. I've hit on a couple of ideas to streamline things a bit, and I'm just about ready to let the words start to fly.

Right now, I just have chapter 1 written, plus an outline. The story doesn't have a title yet. I will tell you that it has a female protagonist - let's see how well I can pull that off. I plan to use third person omniscient POV, which makes that challenge somewhat easier.

I'll need to get several chapters composed before I even begin to consider posting, so watch here for updates.