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Thank you for helping with Code Monkey

July 10, 2015
Posted at 10:49 am
Updated: July 10, 2015 - 3:17 pm

I want to thank Erik, Steve, Paul, and Anne for all your help with whipping each chapter of Code Monkey into shape. I also want to thank each of the generous readers who have taken time to send emails of any kind. A special thank you to each person who decided to help support the effort with donations.

The next two chapters are going into the submission wizard today. Chapter 34 will drop to the moderators at 8 pm July 19th, so look for the next chapter on the 20th. Chapter 35 will drop on the 19th of August. I'm well into writing chapters 36 and 37 and I seem to picking up steam.

My recovery from surgery is proceeding ahead. I'm about to be healthy enough to begin doing chores outside that some of my wonderful cousins have been doing in my place. Mowing around the Palace and such. There is a huge backlog on the To Do list. I hope to forge ahead and finish each item while continuing to write on a daily basis. At some point I will need to return to work as well. I hope to have a large buffer of written and edited chapters before that happens.

Thanks to everyone for being so receptive to Flight of the Code Monkey.