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Morganna Roberts update

July 8, 2015
Posted at 7:56 am

Thank you to all those readers who have read the Morganna Roberts stories here on SOL. The latest story called "The Fundamental Feminist" is not intended to stir up the Feminist outrage at being subjected to the test of logic. It is just a fun story with erotic overtones that should not offend anyone. I do so wish anyone who finds my stories offensive to immediately put them down and find some other writing more to your liking. Poor Morganna seems to have attracted her share of deluded SOL readers who make a habit of trolling around the posted stories to post a "1" or a "2" just to satisfy some need to register a complaint of sorts without revealing their identity. Of course, that was solved by adding this story to the others written which prohibit rating. While on this subject, I have noticed with regard to this pen-name that the total download count seems quite low in comparison to other sites with much smaller levels of traffic. SOL shows about 38K downloads for Morganna and another much smaller site in Europe shows 375K downloads for the same stories. It does not appear to add up and I wonder if the download counts at SOL are registering correctly.