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A story for Anna Marie The Remembrance of the Reluctant Represe

June 24, 2015
Posted at 6:21 pm

My new story for Millie's Vast Expanse should be up soon. It is in the cue now!

He's an aggressive man who got where he was going with cunning and stealth. He has hunted and trapped his prey in such a shrewd way they become willing participants in their own abuse. He enjoys his female employees as playthings. Taking from them what he wants and giving them what he wishes them to have. Afterward, he abandons them to their ordinary, mundane mind-numbing existence. It's the 1980's in America, greed is good, but power is better. We are cruising at 30,000 feet and about to begin our descent into Millie's Vast Expanse, buckle up it's going to be a tumultuous journey.

Let me know what you think!