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The New Scoring System

June 24, 2015
Posted at 7:42 am

The new scoring system was implemented last night. In one fell swoop Game World went from 8.10 to 7.42. I'm not impressed and I suspect other authors will not be impressed by this move either. I wish SOL and Laz would leave the scoring system alone. In fact I wish that the scoring system reflected what readers really thought and not what Laz wants. It won't happen though and it's probably a waste of time complaining about it. Still I'm pissed that people who write serial stories are being penalized because 'the man' thinks that the stories are being scored to high. Reality is on this planet that if people like something they support it and if they don't they ignore it and playing with the numbers will not change that fact.

Anyways there's my rant. Now to post the next chapter and watch the score fall some more.