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Tracy - Evil or Just Misunderstood?

June 20, 2015
Posted at 2:42 pm

Tracy hands down gets me the most emails. It is not even close. People either hate her and advise I never let poor David anywhere near her -OR- David needs to cut the poor girl a break.

As a writer a character like Tracy is golden. In my case I dated a Tracy in high school. She was this girl that no mater what she did to me I kept coming back for more. Turned out she really was nuts...

At the time all my friends couldn't figure out why I let her have her way with me. The thing was I knew of her past abuse and her battle with mental illness. I just couldn't bring myself to just abandon her. Plus, when she was well she and I clicked.

The thing was, she was having issues and at some point when you are a teenager you have to walk away. Your just not emotionally equipped to handle the constant drama. Over the years I lost touch with my Tracy. Last I heard she finally got the help she needed, but for the two of us it was too late.

So I draw on the crazy girl I fell in love with to write Tracy and I understand my readers frustration. Looking in you can see the car wreck coming ... and it is coming ...

Thanks for reading and keep sending me advice on how David should handle Tracy.

G Younger