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Next Code Monkey chapter scheduled tomorrow

June 19, 2015
Posted at 2:05 pm

The next chapter is in the submission wizard, and has been for over a month. It will drop to the moderators tomorrow, 6-20-15, and once they do their thing, it will post. Hope you enjoy the read.

The next two chapters are almost to the proofreader stage.

I'm also doing a massive rewrite of the existing chapters. Cutting out a bunch of the datadumps found in the first two chapters, putting subheadings at the beginning of each Jameson and Ureeblay storyline, reverseing the order of the storylines so Jameson is first in each chapter, and I also added a remembered action sequence at the beginning of the first chapter that doesn't occur anywhere in the present story, but is referred to when Jameson remembers a conversation he had with his older brother, Killin, who is an FUP Marine.

Once this book is done, I'll repost the entire rewritten story, broken into two or three books.

Have good reads and good health
Kid Wigger