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Rape: He Said – She Said

June 19, 2015
Posted at 12:24 am

Rape: He Said - She Said

Totally forgot to post this after I finished it. I dove straight into the Millie's Vast Expanse story request. Wow - well I took a break from writing a bit ago and realized I never put it up. I realized it by the way it wasn't listed on my stories when I checked to see if anyone was reading it. They weren't why because it wasn't there. Really I bet you could figure that part out on your own, sorry didn't mean to beat you over the head.

Written from the point of view of the Rapist: He Said and the victim She Said. First person for both people hope it is something ya'll like but be warned it is about RAPE and murder! So only the brave of heart (and those that like the dark side) should read it.