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The Book

June 13, 2015
Posted at 2:10 pm

Finally, finally, FINALLY!, my first book is out on Amazon. An expanded, novelized version of one of my short stories, A Summer By The Lake, posted under the pen name L H Buff.

And grammarians, I had it edited professionally, now I realize why I avoided you guys. But it made the story much, much better, and I guess I'll be looking for an editor on this site. A lot of you have already volunteered, but shoot me another email if you're still interested.

I have another book finished, due to be edited and formatted, but I probably won't release it until September or October. The Working title is "Walking In Heaven", and while not about religion, it plays an important role in the lives of the main characters.

I also have the first book of a fantasy trilogy done, the first three chapters of the second, and the outline of the third. Look for the first one of those in March.

All that being said, look for more free stories soon, I have two almost completely finished, and about thirty more in various stages of completion. The books and my horrific work schedule have kept me away, but my workload finally stabilized and I have breathing room, so look for something soon.

Thanks, Q