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Weekly Thanks for Reading Note

June 13, 2015
Posted at 9:26 am

Just thought I'd drop a thanks for reading note to you the readers. I don't usually get to replying to feedback except in my blog. Usually I'm either typing or editing the next chapter to get it ready for submission. I also found when I wrote my first story on SOL I was spending more time responding to people than I was actually writing. I find using the blog once a week more practical. So once more, thank you for reading and thank you for sending feedback on Game World.

I'd like to thank Parthenogenesis for pointing out the misspelling of 'crenelated'. The word showed up in Chapter's Seven and Eight. I had 'crenulated'. Amazingly my verison of Microsoft Word did not have 'crenelated' in its dictionary. I had to add it because MS wanted to change it back to 'crenulated'. Don't we all love Microsoft.

Anyway the chapters are fixed and reposted.

Thanks again to everyone and there will be a new chapter Monday morning.