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Next story delayed

June 11, 2015
Posted at 7:03 pm

My next story is delayed partly due to having the flu off and on for a couple weeks. Then, in my country(Canada), "The Truth and Reconciliation Report" was tabled in the Canadian Parliament. This report detailed the "Cultural Genocide" of the Canadian government ever since the British signed treaties with the first nations prior to Canada becoming a nation in 1867.

This inspired and diverted me away from a trilogy/triptych/variations of a story which remains 25% to 40% done. My new story has captivated my attention, is complex in the details and, unlike a finished story I am sitting on, this one has a happy ending. I have the plot firmly enough in my head that my wife got a rough telling of the story last night before bed time. She must have liked it since it stuck in her head all day today. I need to flesh out the main characters and the less disturbing main part of the story. The beginning will be disturbing yet essential to the story. It gets better and this is the part I am writing now. I hope to have "White Death" done and proof read by July 1st.