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New story called "Not My Sister's Keeper"

June 7, 2015
Posted at 11:08 am

So far, 8 of my posted 11 stories have a continuing storyline and I have every intention of finishing them although I am not certain of the length of any of them. None of them have generated a great deal of interest so I expect they will be concluded swiftly. I am using a different approach with this new story. I have submitted the first half of the story (5 chapters) and will submit the second half before the end of June. It will be 20K words in total. This new story is a favorite theme for me with the concept of identical female twins with different lifestyles. It gives the opportunity of a multi-faceted personality to engage in both sides of the coin and be a bad girl when the mood strikes her. In full disclosure, I must admit that Morganna Roberts is but one of my pen-names and that I am male and not female. I use the female pen-names when my stories are basically from a female perspective. Some of my pen-names are not only gender oriented but age oriented to reflect the generational differences of the content. Some of my pen-names are for the fact that the story content is entirely non-erotic in nature and separated from the erotic storylines. The use of different pen-names is not to hide anything but just for the purpose of better organizing my stories on this site. I have about 30 e-books under a single pen-name on Amazon and have gotten about 15 million downloads of my stories from various free story sites on the internet. I appreciate any comments or suggestions related to my stories from readers who wish to add something to correct the content.