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Almost There

June 7, 2015
Posted at 12:47 am

SOL tracks numbers for us authors. Things like scores, readership, both for individual stories and blogs and how many folks hit my site. These are all (usually) cumulative since my first posting. It's up to the author to do the math if the author want like weekly or monthly readership or visits to the site.

So for you 40 faithfuls thar stop by every week I've news. I working on the final chapter of the prequel to my "Battle of the Ridge". Once I finish working it, the story goes to the editors and Canon Keeper of the Swarm Cycle, I get rid of the red ink, make it pretty for the Submission Wizard and it gets posted.

Teaser; It is a ... Pickup Story! I know, it is so old school! But, it introduces the characters that gonna show up it several more story. Right now the Pickup is about 25K words.

As I've said previously, before the end of the month. And btw for you folks in the deep south of the Left Coast, for the first week of July I'm planning on being at WesterCon 68 in San Diego. You can't miss me I'm the scruffy D.O.M. in the dark corner.

If you're already planning on being there drop me a line.