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Some Final thoughts at the conclusion of The Spark

June 6, 2015
Posted at 1:36 am

To begin with I would like to thank everyone who have stayed with me as well as the story for these past 3+ years. Added to those and in some cases they are the same people thank you for all the criticisms, all of them have had a profound impact on my writing going all the way back to the beginning of Giants in the Sandbox.

In rereading some of my early work I am impressed by you, the reader's ability to stay with a story even when it stunk to high heaven. But that brings me to my point that I am not a writer but instead I am a story teller who uses a computer to tell my tales. If there are things wrong in the work, I apologize as I said before I am a storyteller not a writer though I think I am improving my work as the number of errors Chipster82 has been fixing has been on the decrease as my English awareness improves.

So end my apology and my thanks for following along all these years.

Now for the next part and once again I am asking the question of all of you. The first question is for the next installment of Giants, which will be titled "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", do you all wish me to continue where I ended the story? Or advance the story several years allowing several of the characters to age. I ask this as several people I have asked already have split on the answer but what I have written will fit in either way.

Second I have a list of bad guys and they will be dealt with in the same style I used on them in Giants as I poked fun at the idiots in my life and enjoyed every second of it. If you the reader has a thought or group who you think might make a good target please let me know as I have my hit list of new villians as well as the return of others who got off lightly before but will be visited again soon.

Last thought before I let you all go is that the first book was conceived to be the first thirty days of the survivors and what happened to them. This one if we keep the same look will be immensely drawn out and I am wondering if you the readers want me to continue to write in the same manner.

Any ways it is late here and I need to wrap this up so I say thanks again for sticking with me and I hope to see you all some more once The Lion starts.