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New story series begins with The Choir Trip

June 5, 2015
Posted at 9:26 pm

I just posted the first story in a new series about two young people named Hilly and Ben. It's called The Choir Trip and weighs in at around 20K words.

I've been writing it slowly over the last month while I prepped my latest Amazon release called Running His Way Out under the new pseudonym Conor Coveo, which is free this weekend.

The Choir Trip was inspired by a friend who runs martial arts dojo. I imagined a tomboy named Hilly who finds herself drawn to a serious young man named Ben, a couple of years older than her.

When they get closer, she is pulled into the kind of relationship politics she'd hoped to avoid. We meet his former girlfriend who creates problems for them all. Hilly's best friend, Madison, begins acting strangely. And the guys she'd been great friends with begin to see her as a young woman instead of a little sister, causing rifts she didn't expect.

Hilly takes it all on with inner strength and determination, setting the stage for the next story in the series when she begins dating Ben after they return from their choir trip. Sex changes things, but its the changing relationships with her family and friends that will be the real test.

I love feedback, so please read, rate, and let me know what you think!