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Font change - June 2015 update

June 5, 2015
Posted at 12:33 pm

Haven't updated in a while, so here goes...

I no longer use a fixed font in any of my books. See note below.

"Castaway Island" was just republished. Many additions corrections and activities. If you have a copy, please go to the vendor and update your copies. The ending chapters were changed a little so that it set up a follow on book I am working on (it will be a while). The first ending was too final to do a sequel and the story just wasn't finished... no blatant adult material - it's all innuendo.

"It's All Over But The Shouting!", the sequel to "These Girls Can Play", got a bad review based on formatting. The format has been changed, and it was my bad, but even though the distributor has contacted the reviewer there's no update. I have no issue with bad reviews if someone doesn't like the content, but the formatting (font)? ... gimme a break! The reviewer enjoyed "Girls" but didn't like the font (fixed width), which had been a fixed font. It needed to be corrected so I appreciate the heads up, but come on - fix the review now that the book has been fixed. Yeah, I'm whining... No adult material for this one.

"Deanna" has been rewritten and re-released... "A Learning Experience - Deanna book 1" and "Tara's Nightmare - Deanna book 2" are both available at the usual places. Same basic story with many additions, split because of length and much improved in style, grammar and punctuation... Both still contain adult material.

"Craft Faire Love - book 1" and "The View Beyond - Craft Faire Love book 2" are both available as well. The second book is all new material and book 1 is a rewrite and great improvement of the original found here at SOL. Both are available at the usual places. Both contain adult material

"Vietnam: A Distant Memroy" is my story. After years of therapy I was finally convinced to write the book. It is only part of the story because I just couldn't bring myself to write some of it. It's a compelling look at one sailors experiences during the Vietnam war. Though it is written as "historical fiction", it is all too real to me. Getting good reviews I'm happy to say ... No adult material, but strong language.

That about covers it for this update. I'm still working on the sequel to "Castaway Island" and a couple other projects, but it's coming out slowly.

As always, thank you for your support, both here at SOL and elsewhere. I greatly appreciate it!