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June 3, 2015
Posted at 9:08 am

I take it that my muse didn't care for being called the 'b' word. I haven't had a story idea in days and I've literally sat at my computer, 'old' story in front of me and been unable to type a single word (well, I typed the words - but they made no sense and I had to get rid of them; granted, I usually leave that job for an editor, but...). I'm hoping she comes back (I am really, really, REALLY sorry!!) because when I can't write I start getting depressed.

My family is going on vacation and decided to let me join them; I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm allowed to go is because I'm paying for it. Anyway, this means that, while we will be extremely busy, I'm hoping to find time to pound out a few pages in any lulls I might encounter - that's always assuming my muse decides to join me for vacation (did I mention I'm really, really, REALLY sorry?).