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Thanks for the Feedback

June 3, 2015
Posted at 8:34 am

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me feedback on both my recent rant and Chapter 15 of Game World. You support is greatly appreciated and for those who wanted more, I've juest posted Chapter 16. I hope you enjoy it.

To those who mentioned typos, yes I appreciate being informed about them. I will fix anything that is picked up by readers that was missed by me and my editor but I can't guarantee that it will be instantaneous. I found with my first story on SOL I was spending more time correcting typos than I was writing and I had to put a stop to it so that I could finish the story. I still need to go back and finish editing it. Still I do want readers to point out any errors that they find.

As for putting dates on each chapter so people can keep track of how much time Charles has been on Game World, well I won't be doing that. I have included time references in the narrative and dialogue from time to time so people now how long Charles has been there and how long he has left. Currently Charles has been on Game World for a little over two months which leaves me a hell of a number of chapters to write.

Again thank-you for your feedback and support.