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June 2, 2015
Posted at 12:19 pm

You may have guessed there's often an element of wish fulfillment in my tales; not so much the sex (though I admit I'd like more) but, for example, living on a boat (in ANL and Serendipity) and riding motorbikes. I am in the process of living one of my wishes. Like Ray King in 'The Bike and Jamela' I'm buying an Indian Royal Enfield. In fact, God willing, I collect it tomorrow. I don't suppose there's a Jamela in my future - I'm quite sure my wife (who has not left) would not approve - but at least I'll be back on two wheels. Hopefully on a machine that isn't too much for my old reflexes to cope with. It is - I hate to say this - twenty-seven years since I last owned a motorbike. Wish me luck, and look out for more stories starring a Royal Enfield Bullet!