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Whats Coming Up

May 29, 2015
Posted at 11:40 pm

Hi everyone!

The Battered Lamp is finished so what's next? I plan on releasing the last of the Devil's Pact stories. There's a few shorts, the Servant and Slave Chronicles, and then three new stories:

The Cult of the Ghost: Sequel to the Ghost of Paris. Many of the Ghost's playmates have rejected Mark and Mary's Theocracy and wish to revive the Ghost.

The Hell Chronicles: After Lucifer and all the major demons escaped Hell, a power vacuum was left in their wake. The followers of Lilith, led by Chantelle and Lana, clash with Brandon Fitzsimmons.

The Tyrant's Daughter: The Sequel to the Devil's Pact. This story focuses on Chasity, Mark and Mary's daughter, after she walks away from their death. She is haunted by murdering her parents to save the world.

The Cult of the Ghost and the Hell Chronicles are all written and I'm writing the rough draft of the Tyrant's Daughter right now. When I finish the Tyrant's Daughter, I will begin working on a new erotic series. I haven't decided which one yet, but in the coming weeks I'll let you guys now.