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May 29, 2015
Posted at 1:57 pm

Yes, I write. I joined this site, however, as a reader and that is still my principal activity when I come here. I enjoy stories that deal with young love, especially those that deal with unrequited love that is finally realized after some trouble and travails. I'm certainly not against there being sex in the stories - I can always skip over the salacious parts if I so choose - but I prefer stories that have a STORY and not just 'he fucked her', 'she fucked him', 'they fucked each other', the end. Flash sex stories are generally not my cup of tea though they do have a place.

My primary complaint, honestly, is that no thought is given to WHY a person behaves as they do. I hate the stories where a person will just jump up and decide, for no apparent reason, to screw someone else. I like the build-up, the romance - I like the anticipation of what is coming. There are other stories where the person just changes in mid-story for no apparent reason and no explanation is ever given; if a person is a dick and then suddenly comes to Jesus for no apparent reason - it's not that good of a story. Another example are the typical ice queen stories where she just, for some inexplicable reason, decides to jump into bed with the hero of the story; I mean, come on, there MUST be a reason why she hasn't decided to engage in sex before so at least give some reason why she suddenly decided to give it up!!