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Game World and What's Going On

May 27, 2015
Posted at 7:39 pm

First off I'd like to thank everyone who is reading Game World and who've scored me and sent me feedback. I've appreciated the response.

Now when I started this story the intention was to have fun with the classical, stereotypical hero who is big, brawny, but not stupid and who gets all the girls that everyone loves so much on SOL and out their in television land and at the movies. As for the Alternate Earth managers of Game World, the truth is they're not very bright and they're not very motivated. They've got a program and they're sticking to it no matter what, whether it's imaginative or not; something similar to most of the programming coming out of Hollywood. If it worked the first time, it should work again. Will they learn from their mistakes with Charles and his expanding party? Hopefully yes, although that could spell trouble for Charles.

As for the Outworlders that Charles has run into so far, they're the cannon fodder of Game World who are motivated by the desire to hack and slash and get drunk afterwards and if they haven't killed all the women, get laid. There are others out there and you'll eventually meet some of them. How in depth will I get with them? That's hard to say. Charles has a year to survive on the planet and so far he hasn't stayed in one place very long, which limits the development of the supporting cast.

As for everyone impatiently waiting for more chapters, they're coming. I'm currently writing Chapter Twenty which is a month later in the storyline than what has been posted. I have to review the other chapters now that they're back from the editor before posting them. Currently three chapters a week is my limit.

Again I'm grateful for the response and I hope you will continue reading. And to all the Whovians out there, no I will not be adding any Daleks or Cybermen. Thanks.