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Status Update

May 12, 2015
Posted at 3:11 pm

It has been a while since I posted a blog update addressing the status of my writing.

Chocolateen Part 2 is complete and posted. I have finished writing Ancient Abilities Part 2 and am in the process of proof reading and editing the story. I should complete that this week and hopefully it will be ready for posting next week.

Today I posted a short story called Time Scope. I recall stating that the Pink Monkey Chronicles was the first story that I had attempted to write. I have absolutely no idea why, but three weeks ago, Time Scope popped up in my mind. I had completely forgotten that story. At the moment and unless something else pops up in my memory, I will have to correct my former statement for Time Scope was the first story I remember ever attempting to write.

My subconscious mind must have been working on that story for the storyline popped into my conscious mind as a complete story. It only took me two days of writing to complete the story; it just flowed from my mind to my keyboard. Of course, I proofed and edited the story also, which took much longer.

My sequel to Opening Earth is still evolving and I also started two additional stories in the D-Hopping Universe, which I named Sam's Hopping and Officer Symms.

I still work on The Ark when I am in the mood to update the narrative chapters to a dialog format. I also have about five additional stories just sitting on the backburner. Once I finish what is on my plate now, I will have to consider resurrecting and completing those stories.

This week I will be spending most of my time on getting Ancient Abilities Part 2 ready to post. I will spend the rest of my time reading other authors' works and writing my other stories.