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An Important Lesson to be Learned

May 12, 2015
Posted at 2:56 pm

I was very happy to get the response I did for proof readers/editors, and I decided to give a couple a try. I gave several people access to my dropbox account that I am using for this story, and the password to unencrypt the next two chapters. Somehow, and I am still not sure how it was accomplished, but one of the editors somehow erased every future chapter I had written, from chapter 10 to 22. If I were using my laptop, no problem, but I am using a tablet right now to write, and that means using cloud storage like google drive and dropbox. I am frantically trying to re-write the deleted chapters, but i have only reached a 2 chapter buffer. Thank you for being patient with me and learn from my mistakes. Always use 2 forms of back-up, even if it is cloud driven. Chapter 10 will be up tomorrow.