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... And The Rain Continues ...

May 12, 2015
Posted at 9:54 am


Well, since my last blog post, I started experiencing what I can only describe as excruciating back pain. After a couple of days of pain that got worse and worse, I went to the hospital, where I had a CT scan. The scan revealed that there was a massive deterioration of my back, with many crushed discs, misaligned discs, a bad scoliosis, and spinal stenosis ... fuck, you get the idea. Surgery followed shortly thereafter.

I'm much better now, but I'm still taking a bit of pain meds, which fucks up my concentration, and I can't really sit down for any extended period of time without aggravating my back. Combine that with having moved in (temporarily) with some of my family so they can help me out until I get fully back on my feet, and ... yeah. Time and energy for writing smut hasn't exactly been on my mind of late.

Over the past few weeks, though, I've been trying to get back in a writing groove. I'm writing about 300-400 words a day - nothing major, but enough to make headway again on some of my stories. At the present time, my goals are:

1. Finish up the next long-overdue chapter of "Listening to Jack"
2. Finish up the next two less-overdue-but-still-overdue chapters of "Playing Ball With Mom"
3. Get the first chapter of something new in the works finished and posted
4. See how my back feels
5. See where my muse takes me
6. See what my readers might be interested in
7. Figure things out from there

It's my intent that my next blog post will not be another apology, but instead an announcement of something new to read. We'll see how that goes, though.

As always, thanks for your patience.