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Thanks For The Feedback

May 9, 2015
Posted at 6:03 pm

Here is what I figured out from the almost continuous emails today.

Little Tony
1) In general people liked it... but it is no Stupid Boy.

2) Too short - People like more character development than they can get in the short story. They also felt like I left them hanging with some lose ends.

3) Some wanted to continue. A few thought it was a complete waist of their time and that if I did a serial I would end up having to escalate each book to the point of using nuclear weapons... You all should try writing and see the fun feedback you get ;-)

Do Over Story
1) There is a group that really likes them and had some good suggestions. Frankly I was going in a different direction, but hey... not bad ideas.

Sword & Magic
1) WOW! It won hands down... not even close for second place (Do Over).

I have the beginning of the three choices... now it is time to write.