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Archery 101

May 9, 2015
Posted at 4:59 pm
Updated: May 9, 2015 - 5:07 pm

You would have thought I would have done my research better; unfortunately I didn't and now a reader has caught me out. First off I will admit that the last time I touched a bow was sometime by in the 1960's and it wasn't a really good bow and I didn't even have arrows for it. I ended up firing lengths of sticks around with it. Obviously I'm not an expert. It's been pointed out by a reader that the ranges described so far in my story are on the verge of fantasy and given that my story is a work of fiction and isn't based on any reality then that's fine; however the reader is correct in pointing out my error. The truth is that much of what I've written in regards to the use of the bow in my story has been drawn from similar stories that I've read on SOL.

The truth is that my character would be lucky to accurately hit something at 400 yards and that his effective range should be closer to 250 at best given his high tech bow and arrows and his strength and height. This of course cascades down to Kola his mate who isn't as tall or as strong and isn't using the best bow in existance.

What does it mean for the story. Not much actually. I'll try and keep things under control and closer to reality in the future and I'll eventually go back and fix things where it is obviously closer to fantasy but for now I'll keep things moving along story wise so that the adventure will continue.

Again I like to thank everyone for their feedback and epecially those who call me on stuff and point things out when I go down a road that is obviously heading for a cliff.